Animation, Storyboards, Illustrations and Comics

V A L E R I E    C H A N G


Hello! I'm Valerie, a film maker and freelance animator

from the Netherlands.



In 2014 I graduated from the AKV|St. Joost with my animated

film Pepe Luu. The film has been shown at film festivals all around

the world and has won several nominations and awards. Awesome!



My specialties


2D animation (frame for frame), concept art and development,

illustrations, storyboards and occasionally I give workshops.




I made my directorial debut with an animated short film called,

The Wolves of Mangotown in 2017 and I'm currently working on

the development of an animated series. In the past I've worked for

Make a Wish foundation Netherlands, storyboarded on the animated

short film, Camouflage at Studio Mooves and I was an animator for the animated short film Elsa and the Night by Jöns Mellgren.




I also enjoy making comics and I have published a couple of books

and magazines in the past. My interest lies in; animated films,

animated series and comics in all shapes and forms!

 And in my free time I like to feed birds.



Lets work together!


If you're interested in working together with me, feel free to drop me

a mail! I would love to learn more about your projects and ideas!


E-mail for inquiries:



Language: Dutch and English

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