Animal appearance of Cha Mao
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Species: Panda-cat
Age: unknown
Eye-color: Green (human appearance only)
Favorite food: Bamboo (bamboo cake)
Favorite tea: Green tea
Favorite colour: Green
(Human) Height: Short
Accessories: She always wears something around her neck.
Her favorite accessories are her golden en silver bell. Aside
that she also wears scarves, bows, ties and anything that's
available in her size.
Hobbies: Drinking tea, sleeping and looking at artworks.
About: Cha Mao is a cheerful panda-cat who loves tea very
much! Taking naps is never out of question but once in a while
she skips her afternoon naps to hang out with her friends. She
also loves organizing tea parties and as always, everyone
is welcome.

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