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Species: Boar
Age: Never old enough to retire
Eye-color: Bright blue
Favorite food: Spice food
Favorite tea: Bubble tea
Favorite colour: Red
(Human) Height: Not as tall as Lung An
Accessories: She always wears a hat, the design isn't
very important. She also enjoys wearing skirts and necklaces.
Hobbies: Creating new flavors and new recipes. Cooking
and baking is her passion.
About: Chu Po is a hard working lady who owns her
own store in Cha Mao's tea garden. All the products she
sells are made with her own hands and are based on her
own recipes. She has a nose for money and hardly ever takes
a day off. Her passion is based on these words; "if it
doesn't work out with the first try, try again!"

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