Animal appearance of Ha Kao
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Species: Rat
Age: Young and full of energy
Eye-color: Dark blue
Favorite food: Anything with shrimps
Favorite tea: Blueberry tea
Favorite colour: Yellow
(Human) Height: Almost as tall as Lung An
Accessories: Ha Kao is often seen with a rucksack
on his back. He never leaves without his hat though, it's
like a travel companion to him. (Brought with him from home)
Hobbies: Traveling around the world and exploring new
places and countries.
About: Ha Kao is a hardcore traveler, he will go
anywhere where the wind might take him. He has no difficulties
when it comes to sleeping outside in a rainy, cold or hot weather
condition. Whenever he's near he always hops by at Cha Mao's tea
garden for a refreshing cup of tea.

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