Animal appearance of Kam San
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human version of kam San
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Species: Ox
Age: About Lung An's age
Eye-color: Yellow
Favorite food: Green vegetables
Favorite tea: Red tea
Favorite colour: Orange
(Human) Height: He's a tall fellow
Accessories: With his animal appearance he always wears
a cape. It makes him feel heroic. Who wouldn't feel heroic
with a cape?
Hobbies: Being the hero everyone looks up to. (Do they?)
He's also fund of sports and trains whenever he can.
About: One day he wasn't there, the next day he was. Out
of the blue a cow appeared before the tea garden residents. He's
very well build and very strong and dreams of becoming a super
hero! A guy with a passion. A trait that doesn't go unnoticed is
that he's quite loud. You can hear him from miles away.

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