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:: Tea Leaf Book 1. Chu Po ::
Europe / Price: €5,00 / Released: Summer 2007 / Page count: 52

The very first Tea Tales (Tea Leaf) book goes by the name Chu Po! Based on the
fact that this book was released in the year of the boar. The production has been a
great experience to all of us and we hope you'll enjoy our stories.

:: Contents ::

Galacticus by Gemma / Luke's very hungry. This problem must be solved.
The White Snake by Ayumei / Swiss, the prince of the Kingdom Leraz has loved
sword fighting since his birth. After losing his one and only rival, he traveled around the
world seeking the one thing that gives him hope. Years later, a fateful encounter with a
white snake ends this quest of his.
Through the Eyes of Death by Yolin / A young boy can do nothing but
watch how the people he loves die.
Stitches (Snow) by Yeaka / Two girls spend one day in the snow.
Lor melts Niki's heart, honest.
Cha Mao's Tea Time by Theater Van Plastiek / Various comic's about Cha Mao.
Tea Garden Stories by Yolin / Vaerious comic's about the Tea Garden gang.

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