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:: Tea Leaf Book 2. Ha Kau ::
Europe / Price: €6,50 / Released: Spring 2008 / Page count: 100

The second Tea Tales (Tea Leaf) book is called Ha Kau! That's right, a tasty little
shrimp dumpling. Just that our Ha Kau isn't a shrimp but a very large eared rat! This
book is released in the year of the rat and it's our first manga-sized book and on
top of that, it's much thicker than Chu Po as well! Please enjoy our stories.

:: Contents ::

Sunny Side Up by Gemma / Omelette is cold, but Rice will stop the shivers.
His hobby and her talent by Ayumei / Ian, a talented basketballplayer, had a secret
crush on Ranny since juniour high. Until he met her again in senior high, but Ranny
seemed to have difficulties with something too.
A Blue World - The prince of the sea by Yolin / The youngest son of the Earth and the
Sun will do anything to please his mother, but things go wrong when he tried too hard.
Water and Sunlight by Yeaka / The garden'ts getting a littl unruly, but never fear -
a dreammage gardener's here!
Benefactor by Ayumei / The story of girl who was constantly adored by a married man,
but his efforts were futile. He became furious and wanted her dead!
The Bunny's Diary - Bunny Day by Yolin / Everyone is getting ready to celebrate
Bunny Day, everyone except the Bunny himself.

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