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:: The Bunny's Diary ::
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The Bunny's Diary tells us a story about a growing boy who is forced to wear bunny
themed clothes since his birth, which his very own mother designed for him. She's the
worst fashion designer ever, but her passion for fashion never faded. The Kitten (Kania)
is a childhood friend of the Bunny and works for his mum as a model. And then there's
Dynamite Bob whom also works as a model for The Bunny's mother. One day
The Bunny decided to stand up for himself as he can no longer go on wearing
these ridiculous clothes!

:: About ::

The Bunny's Diary is a solo production of Yolin. This is also the very first story about
Angelo's (The Bunny's) hectic life. The book is sold out, however the story got
redrawn for the Tea Tales Magazine issue 5. (The Bunny's Diary special)

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