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:: Tea Tales Magazine Issue 3 ::
Europe / Price: €3.99 / September - December 2009

The last issue of this year is waiting for you to make your collection complete!
The third issue has the third chapters of Minna and O.N.E and the first chapter of
Yeaka's whole new fantasy story; Kaio. Chibi Stef and Gemma are back with some cute
one shots while almost seem fairytale like.

:: The manga in issue 3 ::

Kaio (chapter 01) - by Yeaka / Minna (chapter 03) - by Ayumei
O.N.E (chapter 03) - by Yolin / Cowfish - by Gemma & Yeaka
My Wishing Star - by Chibi Stef / Garden - by Gemma & Yeaka

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Stripdagen Houten (2009)

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