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:: Tea Tales Magazine Issue 6 ::
Europe / Price: €3.99 / September - December 2010

What better colour to close the year with than leaf green? The sixth issue of the
Tea Tales Magazine not only filled with lots of new stories to read, but there's also
a special Tales of Bluebury contest. Are you creative? Why not give it a
shot and win our latest book! (However you can also win our other products) More
information can be found over here: Tea Tales contest. In this issue
there are also some lovely artworks by MellonSnow and Coco, a new story
from Gemma, Yeaka and Michi and the continuing chapters of Minna and O.N.E.
And The Bunny is back too along with his chaotic life. In other words, plenty to
read and plenty of fun! Don't miss the latest issue of the Tea Tales Magazine!

:: The manga in issue 6 ::

The Storm - by Yeaka & Gemma / Minna (chapter 6) - by Ayumei
O.N.E (chapter 6) - by Yolin / First & Last Chance - by MichiTheThird
The Bunny's Diary - by Yolin / Tea Days - by Yolin / Test - by: Neutral

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